Sacha was born in Gouda, The Netherlands. At the age of 5, she started the study and performance of classical ballet at ‘Balletschool Marcella’.  Still passionate about dance, Sacha continues to actively study ballet and other performing arts including contemporary and jazz dance as well.  By 11 years old, she started acting at the yought theater school in Gouda. Around that same time she met Gabriela Lukassen who then became her singing teacher/vocal coach. During high school Sacha’s performing passions led her to participate in many different musical theatre workshops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Sacha studied to become a school teacher and kept up with her acting, singing and dancing career on the side. Also during that time, She sang in the high school band ‘Orion’ and later on in the rockband ‘Vision’. She has been seen in a couple television commercials and the Net5 series ‘De Co-assistent’.

In 2011 Sacha attended classes at summer school camera acting at the ‘Tv College’, Hilversum.

Looking at broadening her range of performing arts, in 2016, Sacha continued to add to her resume with ‘vocal acting’ workshops.

Sacha continues to write her own songs and is always open to people who want to collaborate with her music. Last year, the UK author Elaine Surgess (Gin and It) asked her to write some music for her book release in Brighton UK. Together and with help of Dan Schafelke of the American band ‘Hindsight’, they wrote the music and transposed the beautiful words written by Elaine in ‘Don’t walk away’, which Sacha  performed in Brighton last August 2017.